Tuesday, May 19, 2009


C'est le Monkeytown Comix Jam: Monday/Lundi, May/Mai 25 at the Laundromat (corner St.-George and Cameron.)

Les jams commencent vers 19h/ Jams start around 7pm.

Catch toi there!

Monkeytown Jammers update!

Monkeytown Comix Jammer Brian Roy out sketching despite the wind, rain, bird crap, molesting-squirrels, mutant bumblebees, nosy photographers!

Monkeytown Comix Jammer Jesse Jacobs didn't take home any awards last week...he lost out to equally amazing Halifax-inkster Kate Beacon. Still, a nomination is nothing to sneeze at surely rumours of book-deals are in Jesse's not to distant future. Let us know if you hear anything!